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The fundamental goal of Dr. Comai’s research program is to advance our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of diseases characterized by a broad spectrum of age-related pathologies. Currently, the lab is focused on understanding the cellular processes leading to the development of genetic diseases including Werner syndrome (WS), a premature aging disease, and Myotonic Dystrophy type 1 (DM1), a form of muscular dystrophy caused by trinucleotide repeats expansion. The lab utilizes biochemical, genetic and molecular biology approaches to dissect the molecular pathways and mechanisms responsible for these diseases with the goal to translate basic science findings into pharmacological interventions.


NEW!!! Postdoctoral position available

Our recent emphasis is on the understanding of the pathogenesis resulting from translational errors occurring in the CNS, muscle and heart. Applicants must be versed in molecular biology and biochemistry techniques. Prior experience in methodologies to study RNA is required. Experience with next generation sequencing and transgenic mice is preferred but not required.Salary range: $44K-55K/year based on experience.

Please contact Dr. Lucio Comai (comai@usc.edu) or Dr. Sita Reddy (sitaredd@usc.edu)