Current Lab Members

Benjamin Hurrell
Ben Hurrell, PhD

Research Assistant Professor 

I am interested in the regulation of innate and adaptive immune mechanisms in the context of lung inflammation.



Georges Helou, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

I am interested in the regulatory pathways in the innate immune system.

Kei Sakano, MD

Research Associate

Yoshihiro Sakano, MD PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar – Research Associate

Christine Quach, MS

PhD Student

Jacob Painter, MS

PhD Student

Identify specific reagents that can specifically isolate and modulate ILC2 number and effector function.

Pedram Shafiei Jahani, MS

Lab Manager

Broadly speaking, I am interested in investigating the immunological mechanisms that are prevalent in pathogenesis of numerous inflammatory diseases.

Emily Howard, BS

PhD Student 

I am interested in understanding the immunological mechanisms involved in allergic disease and lung inflammation.

Stephen Shen BS

Master Student