Emergency Contact

Click, print and post in your lab, 1-2-3 Serious Injury Reporting Flyer.

For life threatening emergency:
Call DPS at (323) 442-1000 — they will contact paramedics and send personnel to the injured worker.

For non-life-threatening injuries:
If you are injured during the workweek 8:30am–4pm, you can receive immediate treatment at
USC Internal Medicine (HSC)
1520 San Pablo St, Ste. 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 442-5100

If you are injured during the workweek after 4pm or on the weekend, you can receive immediate treatment at
White Memorial Medical Center
1720 Cesar Chavez Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 222-9675

rDNA incidents involving exposure
Spills or accidents in BSL2 laboratories resulting in overt exposure must be reported immediately.  Contact DPS and EH&S Biosafety. For more information and treatment locations, consult the Reporting rDNA Incidents Fact Sheet.

To file a claim and seek medical treatment

  1. Immediately report any workplace injury or illness to EH&S (323) 442-2200, your Supervisor, and Department Contact.
  2. Fill out the Manager’s incident report (for USC employees).
    Fill out Volunteer injury or illness report (for non- USC  volunteers).
    Fill out Worker’s Compensation Claim Form (DWC1).
  3. Contact USC’s workers’ compensation, Broadspire, (800) 495-2315 (number is answered 24/7) to report the incident. Contacting Broadspire is crucial because this is how you obtain a claim number allowing you to seek medical treatment so that you will not be billed for medical services rendered.
  4. Provide form copies to Department Contact.  Keep Supervisor and Department Contact updated.  Coordinate your return to work with Department Contact.

Department Contact:
Robert Arenas – 323-442-3507
Aileen Calimlim – 323-442-1710

For additional information, go to http://benefits.usc.edu/timeoff/workers-comp/.