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Research Meetings

Our laboratory has two types of weekly meetings and encourages participation in additional scientific meetings.
(1) Weekly Subgroup Meeting. The lab members are split into three subgroups (6-7 people) based on research topics described above and each subgroup meets on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to discuss each individuals’ weekly progress. This meeting particularly emphasizes creative thinking, critical design/interpretation, and concise data organization.
(2) Weekly Group Meeting. All lab members are also required to participate in weekly group meeting on Friday morning to present their research progresses and to discuss recently published papers. Speakers from other laboratories or universities with different disciplines are often invited to this meeting to broaden research interest and identify additional research opportunity and collaboration. Each speaker is required to prepare a well-organized presentation. This meeting provides an opportunity for critical thinking and improves the presentation and communication skills of the lab members.
(3) Scientific Meeting. All members are recommended to attend one national/international scientific meeting yearly and various local scientific meetings at neighboring institutes, such as UCLA, Caltech, and City of Hope. Abstract submission and presentation are strongly recommended. Besides research meetings, our biannual international food festival, hiking, seasonal party, and weekly “after-group-meeting-wet” party enrich lab members’ interactions.

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