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My lab has contributed to a fundamental understanding of molecular mechanisms of signaling in cells. Our past work has elucidated molecular regulation of IkB kinases, IKK. Our ongoing research focuses on uncovering the biological and molecular functions of a novel protein that we have identified as an IKK-interacting protein. This protein is a transmembrane protein that may be involved in cellular trafficking and mitochondrial regulation (see figure to the left). We have found that this protein is involved in cancer and regulation of immune responses to various pathogens. We have established mice models, and are using the in vivo experimental models to elucidate the physiological and pathophysiological functions of this novel protein.

My lab has also established mass-spectrometry-based proteomics at USC, which is available as a core facility to entire USC research community. The mass spectrometry core is involved in collaborative research with a number of USC faculty. One example of such a research project is shown in the figure to the right, where we are analyzing the gut microbiome composition and proteome of patients with ulcerative colitis before and after fecal transplantation.

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Another example of a research project using mass spectrometry is shown below, where a previous MS student in the lab (Heather Noelle Reilly-Rhoten) established MS methodology to identify various histone proteins by intact protein mass spectrometry.

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